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The Innovator’s Assembly

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Come and join a large number of peers for a full day of stimulating input from a range of thought leaders, inventor-entrepreneurs, seasoned innovators and experienced leaders.  You'll gain a greater understanding of the complex systemic layers within which innovators in high-tech manufacturing operate and contribute, inspiration on tackling any challenges you face, and a stronger [...]

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Building an Innovative Team

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Healthy teams innovate naturally. Building such teams requires creating an environment that has a healthy balance between cohesion and dissent. A strong culture can inhibit originality, but so can an absence of security and social connectedness. We’ll look at requirements for group safety and group creativity, and the role of the leader. Facilitator: S Soraghan BSc [...]

Prioritising Innovations

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How to select from the range of possible ideas and innovation projects to develop. Acquire a range of powerful tools for assessing value and impact. Gain confidence in focusing in on those innovations most likely to maximise investment benefit. Facilitator: Phil Kennedy, past Head External Partnerships, 3M To book, simply email with the titles of [...]