“Welcome to the Innovation Network – we  foster exploration and promotion of good practice in the leadership and practice of innovation within UK high-tech manufacturing.

More than ever it helps to belong to a unique learning and sharing community of diverse and accomplished peers – innovators, strategic leaders and mid-career professionals trained in various disciplines, from organisations of varying sizes, sectors and stages of economic growth.  Why not come and join us!”

Siobhan Soraghan BSc MBA, Founder, Active Insight, and facilitator of the Innovation Network.

What We Are About

We offer a range of carefully designed activites where innovators can meet and engage together in meaningful activites.  The resulting trust and safety allows the sharing a diverse range of knowledge, experience, mindsets and approaches. Perspectives shift, fresh thinking occurs spontaneously and can lead to fruitful collaborations.

It’s a very special environment.

Participants from large organisations can break free of institutionalized thinking, those from smaller organisations can mix with a powerful peer group they may not otherwise have.  Specialists can place their expertise in a wider business context, and younger participants can develop professionally.

Furthermore, membership confers attractive discounts off workshops, masterclasses and coaching.

The capacity to innovate and achieve goals is enhanced – while having a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting time!

Innovation begins on the inside – be forever learning!

What makes us different?

We make networking for intellectuals a comfortable and enjoyable experience, but we also believe dialogue and exploration are key.

Our events enable members to learn from each other, in small, relaxed groups. These carefully facilitated conversations forge relationships and encourage the sharing of wisdom. New thinking and insights are drawn from the diverse in-depth knowledge and experience of our speakers and membership.

We also extend our members’ horizons beyond their immediate expertise by learning about the wider business environment and focusing on the human and organisational aspects of innovation. Such insights as people dynamics and business structures are invaluable for anyone occupying (or aspiring to) a senior position that requires leadership and management of teams and departments.

If your organisation is not yet a member, you are welcome to attend one of our Innovator Connections events to meet our members and get a feeel for who is in the community.

Become a member

If you are a senior technologist, a customer-facing team leader, or responsible for transformation in a high-tech manufacturing business, you will be joining a unique community of professionals.

By taking out an annual bundle subscription, your organisation becomes a member of the Network and secures a place for a nominated person at our informative events and special access to a range of enhancing activities – all at exceptionally good value.  Or you can choose to select elements that fit your needs most, and urchase multiple seats.  The more people from your organisation participate, the more benefit you will gain from our special network.

For innovation, diversity is important. Our membership is made up of a wide range of disciplines, sectors and organisations large and small at different stages of growth, from engineers and scientists in many fields to professional advisers and business managers. They are all deeply curious about advances in the leadership of innovation in other organisations and sectors, and becoming more agile in a disruptive world. They seek to explore the potential benefits for their own organisations and for their personal leadership effectiveness.

We ensure a comfortable and relaxed environment to foster interaction. Topics for discussion are suggested by Network members, and explored by participants through rich dialogue. Members, and non-members interested in joining us, are welcome.

Members’ words:

Today’s innovators – creating tomorrow’s world!

What exactly do we do?

In adapting to the virtual world we now have a range of activities that were not possible before, and most can involve innovators anywhere in the world.  Our activites are carefully designed to foster the serendipitous interactions and rich dialogue that make the Innovation Network so special:

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The Innovators’ Assembly

This annual event fosters dialogue addressing four innovation landscapes: Global, National, Organisational, Individual.

The Assembly is designed to stretch innovators beyond the realm of the purely technological, to help those in business transformation, product development and customer service consider together the context in which they operate, from macro to micro.

Delegates get the opportunity to meet in small groups and connect with a wide range of other participants, whether the event is face-to-face or virtual.

Find out more about the Assembly
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In these unprecedented times it’s more important than ever to stay connected. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the Innovation Network.

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