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“Interaction in groups of respected peers is a powerful antidote to the inertia that inevitably arises from success.  
The Innovation Network facilitates interactions among bright executives and innovators to explore, challenge, share problems, and see common challenges from new perspectives.  Previously trapped innovation potential is liberated.

Siobhan Soraghan BSc MBA, Founder, Active Insight, and facilitator of the Innovation Network.

What We Are About

Although the technical prowess in your organisation may be outstanding, there are many knotty non-technical “wicked” challenges that obstruct the bringing of tech innovation to fruition.  Systemically complex issues are best addressed by cognitively diverse groups.

That’s where we come in.  We create valuable interactions between high IQ executives keen to innovate and to stay ahead in their markets.  Not only do participants grow in EQ, they go away with rich insights that can liberate them from mindsets they didn’t even realise were constraints. 

High trust means knowledge and experience are generously shared.  Perspectives shift, fresh thinking occurs spontaneously.  Challenges are addressed, powerful tools are acquired.  All while having a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting time!

Cognitive diversity fuels innovation!

What makes us different?

Gently facilitated interactions in small relaxed groups foster useful connections and encourage the sharing of wisdom.  New thinking and insights arise from the rich experience and diverse perspectives of participants.   Invaluable for anyone occupying or aspiring to a senior position of influence in innovation.

If your business is an established manufacturer in high-value engineering, digital, biotech or pharma, you are warmly invited for an exploratory conversation to explore the potential fit with the community.

What participants say

“Great forum”

“Reset my thinking”

“Triggered thoughts about projects to propose in my own company”

“Refreshing to hear how we all (across different companies) face the same issues but have varied ideas and solutions”

“I gained additional approaches to stakeholder management”

“I learned that innovation is also about processes ad even business purpose, not just about products”

“I gained insights into how I could better manage my team”

“It’s support we would all like, but rarely experience”

“A cathartic and enabling safe space”

Members’ words:
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In these unprecedented times it’s more important than ever to be challenged and enriched by trusted peers with different perspectives.  

Get in touch to explore your fit with the Innovation Network’s exclusive community and the possibility of being welcomed as a participant.  

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