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Regular activities facilitate the sharing of experience and wisdom across the community while highly topical issues are addressed.  Whether you are interested in disruptive tech, leading innovation processes, managing innovation teams, running an innovative organisation, or being an innovator, you will find much to interest and educate you.  You’ll become part of a special community of impressive peers.

The Innovators’ Assembly

The Assembly is open to all across the manufacturing ecosystem, and is a one-day gathering where topical issues are addressed collectively.  Participants such as service providers, research institutes and academia are welcome.  The day fosters connections and optimises cognitive diversity, while fuelling fresh thinking.  See our exciting pans for the Sep ’24 Assembly below.

Three activity streams, Gyms, Matches and Circles

These can be subscribed to by hi-tech manufacturers of all kinds – e.g. engineering, chemicals, digital, pharma, and bioengineering.  Gyms are intensive online workshops to earn tools for problem-solving; Matches are mentoring pairings carefully arranged across the membership; and Circles are highly confidential round tables for small groups of senior innovators to do a deep dive and receive valuable input on a “wicked” challenge each participant faces in bringing innovation to fruition.
The streams run through the season from September to the following June.  See the more in-depth descriptions below.  Subscribers to all three streams become “Full Members” and benefit from a discounted package rate, plus a discount off the Assembly.  

Flexibility: It’s possible to join each stream half-way through the season, i.e. Jan/Feb.  And it’s possible to select just the streams that suit your organisation’s needs.

Gyms can also be purchased to run internally for those organisations wishing to enhance collaboration across silos and sites.

Executive Coaching

We offer in-depth one-to-one support for senior innovators aspiring to, or who are already at Director level, and who are keen to make a substantive difference in their organisation’s capacity to innovate.   Our special brand of coaching caters to the needs of highly intelligent individuals who can quickly grasp useful models and clear explanations of human system phenomena.

Management Team Facilitation

Experienced support can greatly accelerate the decision-making capabilities of the management team and design pragmatic approaches to engaging staff in transformational change, invaluable when introducing disruptive innovations.

The Network is effectively a carefully curated community.  Do get in touch today to explore if your organisation is a good fit and how our activities will support its success.

We look forward to engaging with you!


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Ask us via email for price information and please let us know the likely number of seats you will want per stream and at the Assembly. You don't need to commit to names until closer to the activity dates.
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