The Gyms

Member organisations gain the following benefits by joining the Network for an annual subscription fee:

  • Four 3hr virtual workshops

  • Delivering valuable skills and tools to support innovation

  • Two gyms teach a collaborative problem-solving tool

  • Two gyms teach an approach to facilitating someone with their own challenge

  • Mixing with experienced peers in other organisations enlightens about other cultural approaches

The Collaborative Gym – What participants say

“The session was well presented and easy to understand.”

“It was a great opportunity to talk through similar challenges with those independent of the norm.”

“The reminders in the first 45 mins about dialogue, market/business separation etc., were useful.”

“The group discussions, especially with those I don’t normally interact with, provide huge value.  I now think about how to celebrate mindset changes.”

“The use of new/different structured tools changes thinking habits and therefore generates new ideas.”

“It was useful to have the conversation as well to understand the issues other companies face and what are their solutions.”

“I learned to  think of innovation in cultural, not just technological terms.”

“It’s a great forum to share and refreshing to hear that all of us in the breakout faced the same issues, but with varied ideas and solutions”

“The session had a good diversity of individuals with breadth of experience and seniority.”

“I will try to use the tool in a real company issue.”

“It was fascinating how universal these innovation problems are – across very different companies, fields, technologies, departments—other companies are facing the same issues.”

The Facilitative Gym – What participants say


“It was a reminder to not offer solutions to my team, instead help them come up with their own solutions and how to do that.”

“I appreciated the process – working through things with new people.”

“I asked questions I wouldn’t have otherwise have thought of when finding solutions to problems.”

“It was good to help others come up with the solution and interesting to see them find possible new solutions themselves for problems they have had for a while. “

“Key take away will be to try and allow others to find solutions using these questions before offering solutions.”

“I liked how open question dig into the root cause of a problem. I found it difficult not to offer solutions but hopefully that will come with practice.”

“Like the power questions, and how open questions are a really useful enquiry tool, very eye-opening to the usefulness.”

“I realised when I have a solution that it’s very hard to hold back; but how useful it is to dig for what is the crux/key obstacle.”


“As the person being asked, I came up with my own ideas, so I was more likely to put them into practice.”

“I wasn’t submerged under a tsunami of ideas;.”

“The way forward adds up, makes sense in my own head, so I’m more likely to do it.”

“I was reminded of stuff I knew how to already, it gave me a way forward; steps I could see; unblocked inner inertia.”

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The Circles

Two round tables a year for an intimate confidential group (max 4) of senior innovators.

Participants benefit from their peers’ deep experience and the facilitator’s rich toolkit.

  • Two 1-day in person confidential round tables

  • For senior innovators at Head of Department or Director level

  • Concentrated attention for each innovator and a particular challenge they face

  • Deep experience of peers brought to bear

  • Rich toolkit of facilitator applied as appropriate

The Innovators’ Circles – what senior innovators have to say

“The Innovator’s circle is support we all would like from our own organisations but rarely experience. The ability to discuss pressing work-related issues with likeminded individuals from different corporate cultural influences in an open and “safe space” is both cathartic and enabling.”

“We often try to think of radical and innovative solutions to our problems when we are in the office – “brainstorming” our way out of the situation – when the real answer is much simpler and often hidden in plain sight. It takes a “friendly stranger” to point these things out sometimes.”

“The topic I chose was relevant and timely. The thoughts and actions developed in the Innovators Circle will guide my approach to resolving the situation.”

“I joined an Innovators’ Circle session as the first in-person Innovation Network session I had attended since getting back to normal after Covid.

The session was organised in a pleasant setting, with an engaging atmosphere that led to some really interesting dialogue between the delegates.”

“The agenda for the session was to discuss, as a group, an ongoing issue that we each were personally attempting to deal with in our organisations. This led to some insightful discussions around wider geo-political issues that are affecting us all right through to some specific actions that each of us could take back and apply.”

“Engaging with like-minded innovation leaders face-to-face in this way made me realise how much I’d missed it!”

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The Matches

Two rounds of mentoring of 4-8 sessions each.

  • Comprehensive orientation for mentor and for Mentees set expectations and equip both with what they need for a highly productive experience.

  • For senior innovators in one organisation to support – and learn from- junior innovators in another.

  • Mentors learn to ask excellent questions and take care from prescribing context-specific solutions.

  • Mentees learn to see a wider perspective and apply new approaches.

  • Rounds last approx. 4 months, so if the chemistry is not quite right in one round there is an experience of another.

The Innovators’ Matches – what the Mentors say

“Having the chance to go through ideas and question techniques in the breakout sessions in the orientation was really useful – it allowed that dry run and gave me confidence. It was also very interesting to be the ‘mentee’ in these sessions and see how that felt as well.”

“The open ended ‘power’ questions helped me drill down into some of the issues experienced to then help reach a solution just by asking questions. Using these was a reminder not to jump to offering solutions but to help build understanding, on both sides.”

“The power questions worked really well in my sessions. The other was to ensure that we made an agenda for the next mentor session at the end of the current one, this was then the framework for the next session and really helped to keep things on track- I also found that having the framework actually led to better exploration, as it refined my questioning approach and often made the conversation go somewhere new.”

“I was surprised how quickly it felt ‘natural’ between myself and my mentee- which was great as it drove the sessions and meant we were able to cover more ground.”

“This was an opportunity to develop my active listening, whilst developing awareness of when to offer advice and when to use more effective questioning in a more coaching style.”

“It has certainly been more interesting than I had first thought and having two different mentees was enlightening to show the difference in how different people may approach it and the value it brings when embraced.”

“Personally, it’s been interesting to see how many of the problems we have at work are very similar and in advising on how problems may be approached I get to see them through a fresh lens.”

“It has reinforced my believe that sometimes setting aside time to run through what you’re trying to do with someone removed from it all can often highlight things you may have missed previously.”

The Innovators’ Matches – what the Mentees say

“The orientation session helped shape expectations of the sessions to come.   Learning about power questions was useful and how to use them to keep the discussion focused on its goal(s).

“The time to talk through things and have a 3rd party’s opinion / advice from someone one more senior in position was valuable.”

I found value in the discussions on career progression, the importance of an academic background to drive innovation within the industry; useful discussions about engaging with stakeholders and senior leadership; insights on dealing with challenges and setbacks.

“Different insights into common themes has given me different avenues to explore.

“I feel more relaxed about not knowing how to do something and am more inclined to seek advice to tackle the problems that I encounter.  The belief that there is an unrealistic performance expectation is no longer there.”

“It’s helped me learn how to better capitalise on my skills to excel in my current role; helped me bring into focus ambitions / expectations about career progression and define areas of improvement for career progression.

“I’ve gained additional approaches for stakeholder management.”

“the mentoring has opened-up what possibilities are out there, and how to align myself to be able to transition into different opportunities that I can create. So there was strategy and an improvement in my self-awareness, and where to gain addition insights about my capabilities.”

“It came at a perfect time for me and my work situation and was having to juggle a lot of different hats. And my mentor proved to be a great, he was impartial and able to bring some clarity to the headaches I was having .“

“The professional manner by which my mentor addressed the various questions and problems that I had. Sharing of career related literature applicable to me.”

“I appreciated the very open, insightful, and supportive discussions.”

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Options for participation

We have flexible options to suit your organisation:

You can sign up to one, two or all of the above three streams

You can buy multiple “seats” on each stream

If your organisation commits to all three streams, you’ll get a discount off all streams, plus off any seats at the Assembly.

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