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About Us

Members are a select cadre of strategic leaders and senior technologists from high-tech manufacturing firms and relevant professional services, from across the UK south of the Midlands.

Many are technical innovators of global repute in their own field.  All are deeply curious about advances the leadership of innovation in other sectors, and wish to explore the potential benefits to their own organisations and for their personal capabilities

What we’re about

The Network exists to foster exploration and cross-fertilisation in the leadership of innovation in UK manufacturing across sector and discipline boundaries.

Five mini-conferences are held in a calendar year where

  • eminent speakers (members and guests) from diverse fields share their latest thinking and practices
  • several members showcase their business
  • participants are gently facilitated to network with one another, and
  • dialogue sessions allow exploration of the issues shared and  insights to be translated back to the workplace, adding real value.

Both the technological and the human aspects of innovation are addressed in the topic themes.

Attendees enjoy a rich learning environment where they have the rare opportunity to mix with respected peers and receive quality input on issues that are directly relevant to their contribution at a strategic level in their organisation, i.e.:

– advances in technologies in other fields

– trends in the wider  business environment

– strategic business leadership for technical experts

The ultimate goal is to help members’ businesses to prosper by evolving successfully within a rapidly changing world.

Innovations have often arisen through spontaneous dialogue in real time with colleagues over the coffee machine, or random conversations with peers not necessarily from the same discipline.

However, in a world of flatter organisations and remote teams, it can be difficult to find the time and the opportunities to have such unplanned, yet potentially fruitful interactions.

Our philosophy is to help create such valuable opportunities at each of our events.   We believe that serendipity is directly correlated with the volume and diversity of enjoyable, stimulating connections.

Through our 5 quality events per year, to we will provide our members with:

Information about disruptive technologies that are evolving in various fields

Education about the human side of leading innovation

Inspiration from visits to sites of scientific interest – whether historial, of national repute, or visits to member sites

Connections with other members (an impressive peer group), and with guest speakers who are typically leaders their field

Translation of key insights, knowledge and learning back into the workplace

Who we are

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Design & other consultancies
Patent attorney/Legal firms