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Positive Politics

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Why is this important

Early in one’s career the focus is typically on developing functional competence and delivering technical value for your employer.  As one progresses, the balance shifts from task-focus to people-focus.  There are people to manage, teams to co-ordinate, peers to collaborate with, and diverse stakeholders to satisfy.  By the time one reaches the senior ranks, communications, relationship building, and negotiations can dominate one’s time.

The people landscape becomes complex, filled with individuals who may or may not have connections with each other, and who will have diverse agendas and personalities.  Few executives, particularly technical and functional specialists may have had little development input on making sense of this landscape or knowing how best to influence within it.

On this webinar you’ll gain insights into stakeholder drivers, gain useful lenses to view behaviours and how to be constructive with your own.  You’ll also learn how to map and prioritise the “actors” in your landscape, which will be invaluable for optimising your personal impact and the use of your most precious asset – time.

This webinar is an excellent companion to the webinar on Strategic Thinking for Senior Technologists and Executives.


Siobhan Soraghan

BSc MBA, founder of Active Insight

Siobhan is founder of Active Insight and the facilitator of the Innovation Network.

She has been supporting leaders and management teams in the design and facilitation of strategy formulation processes for over two decades – within which Scenario Planning plays an important role.  She is familiar with the nuances of the various stages of strategic decision-making, who to involve and how.   She is also a skilled presenter and communicator, so expect to be enlightened and to pick up many gems in this webinar.

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10:00am – 11:30am

Weds 5th May 2021

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