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How to do Scenario Planning


Why is this important

Setting a vision and plotting a course towards it has become more challenging in Covid times.  Time horizons have contracted, uncertainties have amplified.  Strategy is now more about about responding to unfolding unpredictable events with mental agility than being faithful to long-term plans, expectations or pre-existing mindsets.

Constructing scenarios and stepping into them is a great way to develop greater mental flexibility and the ability to respond creatively.  We’ll look at:

  • Paying attention to trends

  • Identifying driving forces

  • The value of generating diverse scenarios

  • A process for doing so

  • Going about considering their impact

This event will be a Webinar: a concise, efficient explanation of theory and process.

It will be invaluable if

  • you would like to know how to conduct scenario planning with your people to develop their mental agility, and

  • for yourself, if you are involved in strategic decision-making and planning.

There will be the opportunity for attendees to ask questions at the end of the live webinar.  Those who wish to listen again or are unable to make it can access the webinar later “on demand”.

This webinar is an excellent companion to the webinar on Strategic Thinking for Senior Technologists and Executives.


Siobhan Soraghan

BSc MBA, founder of Active Insight

Siobhan is founder of Active Insight and the facilitator of the Innovation Network.

She has been supporting leaders and management teams in the design and facilitation of strategy formulation processes for over two decades – within which Scenario Planning plays an important role.  She is familiar with the nuances of the various stages of strategic decision-making, who to involve and how.   She is also a skilled presenter and communicator, so expect to be enlightened and to pick up many gems in this webinar.

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10:00am – 11:30am

Weds 31st March 2021

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