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Building an Innovative Team

Why is this important

Healthy teams innovate naturally. Building them requires a healthy balance between cohesion and dissent. A strong culture can inhibit originality, but so can an absence of security and social connectedness. We’ll look at requirements for group safety and group creativity.  We’ll also look at the context and influencing beyond the team.

This event will be a Webinar: a concise, efficient explanation of theory and process.

It will be invaluable if

  • you would like to know how to enhance the innovation capability of your team

  • how to support your team having an impact throughout the organisation

This webinar is an excellent complement to the workshops “Managing Change to Foster Innovation”.


Siobhan Soraghan

BSc MBA, founder of Active Insight

Siobhan is founder of Active Insight and the facilitator of the Innovation Network.

She has been supporting leaders and management teams in the design and facilitation of strategy formulation processes for over two decades.  As a consequence she is deeply experienced in the nuances of the various stages of strategic decision-making, who to involve and how.   She is a skilled presenter and communicator, so expect to be enlightened and to pick up many gems in this webinar.

Event Details



A link will be sent to registrants.


10:00am – 11:30am

Weds 21st April 2021


Innovation Network Members: £250 +vat

General admission: £275 +vat

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