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Artificial Intelligence

– and Real Life

Why this topic matters

The multiple applications of Artificial Intelligence, code robotics and machine learning are advancing apace.  They affect all of us in ways that may not be obvious and that we may not imagine.  With the potential to enhance life and business, they may also have consequences the need to be considered.

We are going to take a fascinating look at this topic from 2 angles:

  • Human evolution and the potential of AI technology for our species
  • The opportunities for AI in business, particularly manufacturing businesses – and the importance of understanding your business’s stage of maturity in the application of AI, and the likely path for you starting where you are at.

This event will be a fascinating one for anyone keen to see AI from an objective perspective in terms of real life implications, and for those who might appreciate a framework for considering how to gain the benefits it presents for their business.


Selin Nugent

Assistant Director, Social Science Research

The Institute for Ethical Artificial Intelligence

Selin is an anthropologist who uses computational methods to explore what compels people to cooperate and humans’ complicated relationship with technology.

She loves opportunities to build bridges between academic research, activism, and industry.

Andy Punt

Co-founder of Digilante

Associate Director, Deloittes

Andrew is an experienced consultant to the commercial and public sector with over 20 years experience in planning, designing and delivering complex programmes of transformational change for a diverse portfolio of clients, particularly in digital transformation.

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10:00am – 1:00pm

Wednesday, 10th, February 2021.


Members: Free

General admission: £250 +vat

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