You are cordially invited to… 

The Innovators’ Assembly

Thursday 6th June 2019

Where accomplished innovators and leaders in high tech manufacturing meet to enhance their systems savvy.

Venue: Oxford Kassam Stadium

Technologists and leaders of innovation often don’t get the chance to raise their heads above the silos in which they operate.  This event is designed to raise one’s sights to a broader strategic landscape, to stimulate and inspire, and to enable effortless connections with accomplished peers.

Leaders operate within a web of “systems within systems” – the micro system of their internal models, their team, the organisation, their technology “tribe”, their industry sector (including customers and supply chain), and the macro system of the broader economy.

“As a leader’s responsibility grows, so does the demand upon their grasp of the systems in which they operate.”

Siobhan Soraghan BSc MBA, Founder, Active Insight, and facilitator of the Innovation Network.

Take this unusual opportunity to step back from your day-to-day operations to gain valuable insights that will accelerate your systems intelligence.  Learn about the paradigm shift of the circular economy and candid stories about leaders’ experiences of bringing technological developments to commercial fruition.  Engage in gently facilitated dialogue with esteemed peers.  Bring back priceless wisdom to your organisation and the innovators you lead.


We have a tremendous line-up, with world-renowned thinkers and industry practitioners, including:

Ken Webster, Past Chief Innovation Officer, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, now Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Circular Economy, University of Exeter.

Ken spoke at our event last April 2018, and made a big impression with his paradigm shifting messages around the concepts of the Circular Economy, specifically in relation to product innovation and manufacturing.  We are delighted to invite him back.  Being both an economist and sociologist, Ken’s perspective is unusually both broad and deep, and the chance to have him stretch your brain is not to be missed.

Stafford Lloyd, Innovate UK and the Horizon 2020 Project National contact point re ICT and Future & Emergent Technologies.

Stafford has a background in high-tech start-ups (e.g. Riversimple) and has been with Innovate UK for a year.  Having recently mapped the territory for himself, Stafford will make sense of the complex web of Government entities and funding opportunities designed to champion technology excellence and market success within UK Manufacturing

Professor Paul Theron, Professor of Cyber-Secure Systems and Processes, Cranfield University

Paul has worked in industry for many years, including as Cyber Resilience expert for Thales Security SA.  He will address the growing complexity of digital systems within systems and the risks that all must be alert to, particularly in manufacturing.

Adel Al-Shehab, Global IT Director, Auxitrol Weston Advanced Sensors

Adel will address the important issue of organisational readiness for milking one of the potential benefits of digitisation – the IoT.

Ben Watson, Innovation Leader Global, 3M

As a member of the international consortium tasked with constructing global standards for innovation, Ben is delighted to be unveiling the new standards at the event.


This event is ideal for you, if you are a

  • Technologist or leader, in high-tech manufacturing & bio-engineering

  • Partner or senior level executive in a professional services or tech services firm

  • Senior representative in a scientific and engineering educational and research institutions

  • High potential individual in the world of high manufacturing

  • Academic or policy influencer

Who Values

Participating in a respected peer community, where – in an increasingly virtual world – you can…

Meet and interact in real time with acknowledged experts and respected peers.  Where you can explore together the possible implications of disruptive technological developments.  Where valuable CPD will be a natural outcome.  And without even trying, you’ll enrich your personal network and perhaps even find potential collaborators.

And definitely if you are ambitious to

Imagine new applications for in-house technologies

Anticipate customer needs

Consider new segments

Spot opportunities in disruption

Enhance the value that your organisation adds

Make a real difference to your organisation and to yourself as an innovator and a leader

You’ll be informed, along key systemic themes

Carefully selected experts will address a range of topics…


The Circular Economy and changing business models
Tech developments in space exploration
Innovations in bio-engineering
Developments in the UK Landscape
Launch of the global Innovation Standard
IoT, Digitisation and Cyber – theory and practice
Agile – does it serve manufacturing?
The innovator: neuroplasticity, systems and influence

To see the draft event outline click here.

And explore implications in dialogue groups

You’ll have the chance to think together with highly intelligent peers in our unique process…

Nothing beats meeting peers face-to-face in terms of quality dialogue and relationship-building.  There is now a wealth of research to prove that virtual gatherings pale in comparison.  At the Innovators’ Assembly you will meet and have quality interactions in real time with a wide range of acknowledged experts and respected peers.  You’ll dialogue together, gain valuable CPD, enrich your personal network, and maybe even find potential collaborators.  To help optimise your experience and your connections, there will be a unique and gently facilitated process to support you.  By the end of the day you’ll have had quality interactions with at least 16 other participants.

You’ll engage with…

Experts and accomplished peers, and fellow influencers in High Value Manufacturing and Biotech.

You’ll benefit from…

Seeing issues from other perspectives, and your “mental map” will be greatly enriched.

You’ll gain…

Even more confidence to lead and innovate within your organisation, and even your sector.


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