“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”



What are they?

The Innovators’ Cafes are a convivial and relaxed place for members of the Innovation Network to meet regularly online and perhaps address an overarching issue faced by all (like responding to C-19), or a particular topic on which a member wishes to seek support.

The Cafe are a new addition to our calendar, in response to the desire for people to connect and share experiences as a result of C-19.  They are being found so helpful that they are likely to become a regular fixture in our calendar.

The Cafes are primarily for Members as it s a safe and trusting community.  However, we warmly welcome any new potential member of the Network to their first Cafe free of charge, which allows them to meet us and vice versa.

Why an Innovators’ Cafe?

Thinking alone has its merits – but thinking together has all sorts of benefits.  Apart from the building of helpful connections and friendships that might lead to delightful serendipity, when we get together to address issues we often discover that others see the very same things we are looking at differently.  Often very differently – whether due the their different thinking preferences, or their different life path and education.

Being presented with such differences is intriguing and offers us the chance to open up doors in our own mind that up until then we didn’t even realise were closed.

How do they work?

The cafés are conducted via Zoom, and attendees simply log in from their desks – something we are all now becoming very familiar with.

An invitation and link to each cafe is shared in advance.

The structure is very simple and hosted with a light touch by our facilitator.  After a check-in from all present, we address the topic in hand.  Where there are larger numbers present we break into groups and then return to plenary.

It’s very informal, relaxed, and yet efficient.  It seems to be meeting a strong need for people to check in with trusted peers and feel part of a supportive community during what is an unprecedented time of change and disruption.

Their value to you?

Attendees say that they really appreciate the camaraderie, the trust and support gained from just an hour with respected peers online.

How to get involved?

Sign up for the Innovator’s Assembly!

If you sign up to our upcoming flagship Innovators’ Assembly you’ll automatically become a member of the Innovation Network until the end of June, the natural end of our 2019/20 season.   So you’ll get an excellent deal.


You can then re-subscribe as a member in July for the 2020/21 season at the existing subscriber”s membership rate – a significant saving over joining as a brand new member.

Contact our facilitator now to take advantage of this great deal:


Our larger members find the Network to be such great value CPD, inspiration and for connections that they purchase more then one subscription per year.

Also please note that if you are a micro business you’ll qualify for a concession.

We’ll be delighted to hear from you!

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